Qingdao TrinektSea Jewelry Co., Ltd specializes on the manufacturing based fashion jewelry design, costume jewelry wholesale and distributing. Rather than importing and exporting trade jewelries, that is normally what other jewelry wholesalers do, TrinketSea has its own jewelry designing team and jewelry manufacturing factories, employing over 100 experienced jewelry workers. From catching the trendiest fashion and costume jewelries taste on the market, to market oriented style design by our professional team, then finally high quality products manufacturing in the factories, TrinketSea has the capability of presenting the most wanted style of fashion jewelry, costume jewelry on the market to those ultimate jewelry seekers within around 20 days, by taking advantage of our vertical business model.

Apart from wholesale fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, TrinketSea also welcomes any of customized designing order. We have a professional and experienced jewelry design team and can design custom made jewelries that accurately satisfy your various design requirement.

TrinektSea update its products line with daily base, so customers can always catch the latest fashion and costume jewelries products from our factories. TrinketSea strives to be one stop jewelry shop for all things to either have your best selection of wholesale jewelry, or make your own jewelry without much hassle, even just purchase any jewelry for individual use. TrinketSea always serves your jewelry fashion purpose.

TrinketSea, striving to be top rated jewelry wholesaler and custom designer, has low minimum wholesale order request at cheap price, which means you do not have to import large to stock and have benefits of more flexibility and low risk especially for small and medium jewelry business. In terms of customers support, TrinketSea has a well trained and experienced sales team to well understand how important of customers care is. Absolutely worry and hassle free by dealing with trinketsea.com.

TrinketSea is based in Qingdao of China, one of the most important jewelry manufacturing base in the world. If you are seeking any reliable wholesaler of fashion and costume jewelry from China, TrinketSea is definitely one of the best jewelry business partner that you can’t afford to lost. For any wholesale, pre sale and custom made jewelry business inquiry, please do not hesitate to drop your message to our excellent online representatives, all your message would be replied within a few business hours.

If you are interested on doing any business with us, please contact us by clicking on the right bottom corner tool, either chatting with us or leaving us message if offline. TrinketSea sales support will reply you within a few business hours.