His and Hers Wedding Rings-Ten Things to Remember

Wedding rings will outlast most other wedding memorabilia and will serve as daily reminders and symbols of your love and commitment. They are one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, so you’ll obviously want the best bridal jewelry you can get. Rather than experiencing stress and frustration, as many unprepared couples do, follow these 10 tips and make your ring shopping experience one of joy and celebration to purchase the best his and hers wedding rings without any hassle.

 his and hers wedding rings

1. Create a budget for his and hers Wedding Rings

Determine your budget before you begin shopping. Consider the overall funds reserved for your wedding expenses. How much of it would you like to spend on wedding rings? How will it affect the rest of your wedding and honeymoon plans? Come up with a solid number and resolve to stick to it. Remember that many jewelers offer long-term insurance, appraisal, and cleaning packages. Include these costs in your price if you’d like the services, rather than tacking them onto an already blown budget. Between the two of you, the majority of the money might be put toward one ring and not the other. Face and discuss these realities before you’re seated in front of a jeweler. Set some ground rules about how much each individual ring can cost.

2. Stay in your price range

Once you get to the store, it will be tempting to gaze at and try on rings of every variety of texture, material, and style, including those far beyond your budget. Do yourself a favor and stick to that budget! Sales associates can be difficult in this regard: remain firm about your price range and uninterested in the rings outside it, and they’ll stop bedazzling you jewelry that encourages you to sell a kidney on the black market or raid your retirement funds.

3. Approach in-store credit with caution

Be cautious about using in-store credit to purchase your rings. While these lines of credit can potentially work to your advantage, they’re generally structured to entice you to spend far more than you probably should, with the promise of being able to stave off payments in the early months of your marriage. The interest rates on these credit lines can grow to be enormous, and sadly, your rings are your collateral. No one wants to pay for an out of control loan by returning their wedding rings.

4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Jewelers aren’t going to part with their precious metals and stones at a loss. Incredible deals are likely the result of dishonesty or sleight-of-hand concerning ring quality, and you’ll pay for it later when your rings don’t hold up over the years. Go to a jeweler you trust and look at rings that have an appraisers certificate of guarantee. Any deals that seem suspiciously good should be treated with extreme skepticism.

5. Know the 4Cs before you diamond shop.

best diamond wedding ringDiamonds are a beautiful addition to wedding rings. If you think you’ll be looking at diamond rings, look for these 4 features while you shop. Color: colorless diamonds are considered the most valuable. Aside from a few unique cases, the yellower a diamond is the less valuable it is. You want a diamond that shines, not a diamond whose yellow tint inhibits brilliance.

Cut: The cut of a diamond is not the shape of the stone. Choosing an emerald or pear-shaped diamond is a matter of preference and has little to do with the diamond quality. Diamond cut refers to the internal geometrical structure of the diamond that creates a reflective sparkle of light. When light enters a well-cut diamond, it will reflect back into the eye of the viewer, creating a beautiful glimmer. In poorly cut diamonds, some light escapes from the bottom of the diamond, dulling its appearance. Jewelers and diamond experts call this “leaking”.

Clarity: As diamonds are formed, its inevitable that some imperfections arise. These flaws are called “inclusions” and they lower the value of the diamond. Diamonds with poor clarity contain visible flaws that distract from the stone. Good clarity diamonds may contain some small, relatively imperceptible internal flaws, and excellent clarity diamonds are virtually flawless.

Carat: The carat, or weight of the diamond, is the easiest aspect of diamond value to see. Because large diamonds are relatively rare, the size of a diamond greatly increases its quality grade and price. Remember as you shop that while there is a lot of pressure to get large carat diamonds, the size of your diamond doesn’t reflect the value of your love. Plenty of couples happily choose smaller carat, high-quality diamonds that more closely fit in their budget or sense of style.

The extra C: A diamond certificate should come with your diamond. This is essentially a report completed by a certified gemologist that describes the value of your diamond, as well as any unique features it contains.

6. Choose a ring that matches your lifestyle.

Are you an outdoors adventurer that is often camping, climbing, swimming, and perpetually placing your fingers in all sorts of precarious places? If so, a diamond studded ring with a rock set high above the band might not be the best choice. Think about a band with embedded diamonds instead. People that work with their hands, like machinists, construction workers, and farmers need to consider options carefully. Titanium is sturdy but will still scratch. Platinum is a particularly brittle metal and would get pretty damaged if worn in these professions. While gold bands are soft and easily scratched, they also more easily break supposing you get yourself in a jam. There are many stories of fingers being mangled by titanium rings trapped up in machinery. Talk to friends and coworkers about their rings and what they like or dislike about their choices.

Alternatively, workers in highly polished and professional settings should consider what their jewelry says about them to clients and bosses. A Middle-Earth, Elvish-inspired design might make sense to your weekend wardrobe, but it may not fit in easily with workday attire. Choose styles that match your personality and wardrobe broadly.

7. Don’t neglect the issue of comfort.

Remember that you’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. If you find that the edges seem to cut into your finger, or that the weight bothers you, or that it feels like it will slide off, talk to your jeweler. Sometimes rings can be adjusted for greater comfort. Men’s rings often come in different styles, with flat or rounded bands that affect comfort and fit. Many men aren’t used to the feeling of a ring on their finger. Trust yourself and choose the ring that fits right. Keep in mind that your finger size changes. Most people have more slender fingers in the summer. Will your ring still fit comfortable if your fingers swell or shrink a bit? Also consider that if you are in your early 20s, your hands still have some growing to do and your fingers can change size. While gold and platinum rings can be resized, titanium rings cannot.

8. Get what you want, not what you’re pushed into.

Regardless of what your parents, friends, or pushy salespeople want you to wear, you’ll be the one living with this ring for the rest of your life. Take your time and don’t be pressured into doing anything that leaves you unsatisfied or uncomfortable. Be firm with salespeople and remember that they are there to serve you and help you. You are not indebted into purchasing anything from them, even if you try on every ring in the store. Despite being friendly and often quite helpful, many salespeople are primarily after one thing: a sale. Do not make pressure-induced decisions, even if the salesperson tells you someone else might buy the ring. Before purchasing, leave the store, take a breath, and then decide.

lifestyle wedding ring

9. Work as a team and respect your partner’s wishes.

Remember that while you might be in love with a particular ring for your partner, he or she may not like it, or may find it uncomfortable. There is no rulebook that says wedding rings have to match or be bought in a set. Remember that the most important part of the wedding ring is that it makes your partner happy. In particular, women shopping with men that aren’t used to jewelry need to take care and guard themselves from pushing unfair decisions onto confused fiances. Men might complain that a ring you love, or a ring that is part of the matched set you can’t pass up, is very uncomfortable or too heavy, and its tempting to merely write this off as inexperience and tell him to get used to it. Let your man shop around and try out various styles. Its worth it to see him light up when he finds something on his own that he loves, and actually gets excited about wearing the ring.

10. Have fun

Your wedding, and all the planning you pour into it, can be the most amazing, intimate and fun time of your life. Alternatively, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience costing a lot of money, patience, and time. In the midst of all the details, never forget that this is a time to share and celebrate your love for one another.

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