What is your First Jewelry Gift

Not surprising I have a passion for jewelry which began when I was a little girl receiving my first jewelry gift.  Do you remember your first jewelry gift?  Mine was a silver link bracelet that had a little dangling blue enameled bear embellishment.  It was adorable!

And, just as I remember the first gift of jewelry received, I also remember the first jewelry gift I gave.  My grandmother announced she was taking me shopping to select a gift for my mother.  It was the fist of this type of excursion and I was very excited to participate in the purchase of a necklace selected just for my mother.  I remember how thrilling it was to view a variety of items and then make the selection based on what I liked and what I thought she would like too.

Jewelry, for me, is special.  And, it’s not just special to me; it’s special to my Heavenly Father.  In Revelation, it speaks about a holy city being arrayed like a Bride adorned for her husband.  The passage describes the foundations of the walls adorned with precious stones and gates of pearl.  There are several passages in the Bible that reveal Gods heart about the precious stones He created.  I’m so thankful that He placed these treasures in the earth for us enjoy.

Long before I was aware of what the Bible shared about these precious gems and the rich history of the jewelry trade that spans some 5000 years, I knew jewelry was special.  Unfortunately, the bracelet I received as a little girl disappeared within a short time of coming into my young hands.  And I know the necklace I gave to my mother had the same end as it was moved to various locations that spanned the decades which followed.  We don’t have to have the jewelry to remember the feeling it conveyed.  But I do have a photo of my mother wearing that necklace and it gives me great satisfaction knowing she thought enough of my selection to wear it in such a permanent memorial as a photograph.

My path as a jewelry girl was set before I knew anything about careers.  It was settled in those two early life-shaping events.  Yes, it’s accurate to say I have a passion for jewelry and its best expressed when selecting and presenting jewelry to others.

I get the same satisfaction today as I did all those years ago in designing and selecting jewelry, photographing and presenting it in each collection to you.  Thank you for allowing me to express my passion for jewelry.  And, it’s my hope that in receiving our offerings you will feel special too.

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