The Friendship Bracelet Phenomenon

Friendship Bracelets are truly a cherished worldwide phenomenon. They are bracelets which are given from one person to another to signal and symbolize friendship. If these friendships occur internationally, you can be sure that friendship bracelets are a wonderful worldwide hobby. Usually made out of embroidery floss and or embroidery thread, there are various styles and patterns, but most are based on one simple half-hitch knot – actually the making of friendship bracelets is a version of macramé.

Now, because of their versatility, friendship bracelets are worn by both males and females of all ages, races, cultures, and nationalities. However, they are most popular with the teenage crowd. Why? Well, since it is fun to make friendship bracelets and then, as a worldwide hobby, to distribute them to your friends and those with whom you wish to set a friendship. But sometimes, making large quantities of friendship bracelets takes a long time. It seems that older kids, like teenagers, are the ones who best possess the skills required to make beautiful friendship bracelets and certainly these are the kinds of people who have the most time on their hands.

For parents, it is a great idea in the summer, or on a rainy day say, to get your teenagers to start learning how to make friendship bracelets and take part in this wonderful worldwide hobby. Why in the world would your teenager ever want to learn how to make friendship bracelets? Well, mainly because they are fun. However, also because you can always share your friendship bracelets with friends, thereby being social, practicing social skills, and making more and more friends. Even on a worldwide basis, friends are good to have. And let’s face it, one of the best parts of being a teen it being social and making a lot of friends.

Although a worldwide hobby, the history of friendship bracelets seems to come from Native American handcrafts; in which hand weaving, knot tying and bright colors are dominant. Namely the traditions of the indigenous tribes of the Central American Native Americans.

The bracelet should be tied on by the friend who made it, probably, to an arm or as an ankle bracelet on an ankle and it must be worn until it falls off naturally. There are some friendship bracelets which are specially made for wishing wishes, those are very fun, however, they tend to be thinner as the friends seem to like them to fall off faster in order that their wish may come true.

There are all different types and patterns of friendship bracelets. Since they are a worldwide hobby, the types and patterns tend to vary from region to region. For instance, the amount of thread used in making the bracelets can and usually does vary. The smallest known pattern is a double chain knot which generally requires just two strings.

The candy stripe, another popular variation, can have as few as three strings and as many as forty. This is generally based on both pattern and thickness. Another reason that Friendship Bracelets are both a popular and a wonderful worldwide hobby, especially among teenagers is because the inexpensive threads used to make them come in every color of the rainbow; that is to say that seemingly endless combinations of friendship bracelets are obtainable for very little cost indeed. How cool is that?!

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