What Are Friendship Bracelets Made From?

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Remember friendship bracelets? You know those things you used to wear, make, collect or give to your friends as gifts back when you were a kid? They’re still hip. They’re still in fashion. They’re still trendy.

Nowadays, other kinds of bracelets have also become popular, though without making friendship bracelets passé. There are many types of friendship bracelets from TrinketSea, and the all of the variations featuring various trinkets, amulets and talismans etc. There are leather bracelets. There are hemp bracelets which you see all of the time, sometimes dyed different colors and sometimes with amazing hand-blown glass beads. But friendship bracelets are popular too. And the whole idea of giving one to your friends after you make it, for them to wear until it falls off naturally, as a symbol of your friendship, is still the known protocol for friendship bracelets.

Not leather, not red wool, not metal, not hemp, friendship bracelets are just about always made out of embroidery floss or embroidery thread. This material is very very easy to find, just about anywhere you go in the world. The making of friendship bracelets, as you might already know, is just another version of macramé.

Some of the various patterns to make friendship bracelets are: Alpha bracelets (with symbols/letters), Basic diagonal stripe, Bordered Chevron, Broken ladder, Candy Stripes, Chevron, Diagonal threes, Double chain knot, Double Chevron, Hearts, Inverse chevron, Rag rug, dog den, Braids and Swirls (a combination of a braid and Chinese staircase), Totem pole, Zig Zag and Chinese Staircase.

The amount of thread used to make friendship bracelets can and will and usually does vary quite a bit. But after people start to make their bracelets they generally get a good sense of how much thread to use. The smallest known pattern, a double chain knot, usually requires only two strings; whereas, the candy stripe might have as few as three strings and as many as forty; this is based on the thickness and the pattern.

Here are some tips to get started making them:

Be sure to use embroidery floss to make your friendship bracelets and keep them organized right from the start. There are various organizers and thread holders available that will help you to know what colors there are available in your supply and keep the threads from becoming one big ugly, impossible knot.

Your friendship bracelet making kit will require scissors, safety pin and pillow, clipboard or masking tape and of course embroidery floss.

Remember to give yourself some time to learn the steps and to learn them well. They are not too hard. It does take a lot of practice and patience, but it’s like riding a bike, which is to say, once you make friendship bracelets, you’ll never forget how. You know? Start with an easy pattern though; do not be too afraid to progress to the more difficult patterns once you know how to do the basic knot and to do it well.

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