How Much you Know for Specialty Jewelry

Specialty jewelry can be anything from class rings, to mother’s rings, to signet rings. Theme jewelry for animal lovers, red hat society ladies, and even mourning jewelry for the bereaved can be counted in the category of specialty jewelry as well. In fact, any heritage, group, or theme can have specialty jewelry made just for them.

Mothers’ Rings

Typically, a mother’s ring is made of silver or gold with real or simulated birthstones depicting the months in which her children were born. Family rings also include the birthstones of the mother and father. Mothers’ and family jewelry can also include pendants and bracelets as well.

Signet Rings

Signet rings can be made with the family crest, Masonic designs, heraldic designs, or simply a monogram. Once used with sealing wax to seal letters, these rings are now largely worn for merely decorative purposes.

Military, Police, and Firefighter Jewelry

If you have someone in your life who has served in the armed forces, police department, or as a firefighter, you may want to give him or her a gift that reflects your appreciation for their service. Or, if you are in the military, police force, or fire department, you may want to give your loved one a piece of jewelry they can wear that shows their love for you.

Mourning Jewelry

When a loved one passes on, whether human or animal, most of us find it difficult to let go. Mourning jewelry first came about in the 1700s and enjoyed most of its popularity during the Victorian era, after the death of Prince Albert, as well as after the Civil War. Black jewels such as jet and onyx were used, as well as seed pearls (which represented tears). In addition, hairwork was in its heyday, and women would often weave a lock of hair from the deceased into their mourning jewelry. Today, in addition to the traditional lockets in which a portion of the deceased’s ashes can be placed, you can actually have a diamond made from your loved one’s ashes, since diamonds are carbon-based, and so is life on this planet.

Other Types of Specialty Jewelry

In the corporate world, employee appreciation jewelry is a popular option. Most of us have heard about the retirement watches, and many of the larger companies provide some type of commemorative jewelry for significant anniversaries (i.e., 20 years of service).

Pageant jewelry includes the crowns and tiaras made for the various pageants that women of all ages can enter. Sometimes a scepter is also awarded, and since sashes are usually a part of the contestants’ costume, crown pins (to hold the sash to the contestant’s shoulder) are also popular pageant attire. In many cases, the winner of the pageant will also receive a special commemorative pageant ring as part of her prize package. School proms also utilize tiaras and/or crowns for the king and queen, and occasionally, a scepter as well.

Sports rings, given to the members of a team that reaches the pinnacle of success in its chosen sport, are also examples of specialty jewelry; i.e., the Super Bowl ring or the World Series ring.

So many reasons exist to give a gift of jewelry. If you need help finding just the right thing, we can help.


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