Semi-precious Stones Add Beauty to Daily Dress

The wonderful effects of putting on the right kind of jewelry are endless. They can change your entire look by enhancing certain aspects of your ensemble. It can transform a dull and boring dress to something colorful and eye-catching. Gemstones and other jewelry pieces embellished with semi-precious stones can give that classic look to add something enhancing to your unique style, bringing out your beauty even more. And another good point is, you need not spend a whole lot to own them. They are gorgeous yet very affordable.

Some of the not very expensive semi-precious stones would include yellow jade, aquamarine, fluorite, serpentine, labradorite, aventurine and carnelian, among the many others. These stones still have very high quality as they can hide stretch marks fairly well and are able to maintain their luster for many, many years. Jewelry that has been made from these semi-precious stones look new even after a long time, not like silver which could look worn after a couple of years.

Semi-precious stones also come in a wide variety of bold and striking colors such as purples, greens and oranges, which all look stunning whatever occasion they are worn to. Wearing an aquamarine necklace that has a dangling teardrop pendant would look perfect when worn with a beautiful and simple formal dress. You could also wear a bright green necklace embellished with Labradorite stones with simple jeans and a fitted shirt. There are lots of possibilities with semi-precious stones – you could dress them up or dress them down and still be in fashion.

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